Damn I never fit in either M or L for this brand and nothing in the middle exist. The shoulders are always loose for S size. And I will have to get the length shorten sold I take the bigger size. I wish I could customise my dress according to my exact size. These are the words and questions that roll around our mind whenever we enter a women shopping store irrespective it is online or a physical store. It is funny how majority of the people don’t fit in standard sizes because each human body is unique in its perspective and you can hardly find look-a-likes. Still we don’t have other better alternative and the brands won’t survive if they start making every customer’s size. Is it true anymore or just a backward looking statement. It might be with existence of Samshék.


Will This Dress Fit Me? Customise Dresss


No more worries of dangling shoulders, extra-long lengths or maybe it seems like you have grown overnight. What if you can customise dress as per your preferences in terms of colour, sleeves, dress length and necklines. If it is customise then of course, it is made to your unique size and lifestyle. One might think  of this as an expensive option or take ages to come but reality is fast paced and affordable. You can be delivered all within 5 days in India, UK and The US www.samshek.com and you will not shell out any extra than your normal shopping flee. It gets even more interesting for the Delhites as they can first-hand experience our new technology of 3d Body scanning for tailor less measurements in our retail outlet in GK 1, M block Market one of kind flagship store. Sizing issue might be solved for once and all with our customisation and ease in the whole process.

We will be talking more about customisations and level of modifications that can be done in the outfits to suit your individuality and lifestyle in our next edition. Until then ciao and never let sizing issues meander your head anymore.