The Red Effect:

Chili, brick, burgundy or maroon. There isn’t a doubt in any fashion-loving, trend-setting, style-obsessed person’s mind that RED is the color of the millennials. Its no secret that anything red is instantly attention grabbing, be it a billboard advertisement or those classic Christian Louboutin red soled pumps. Even as I write this article, seated at Princi Café in Moscova, Milano, each passer by has one form or the other of a red accent, be it the old man with the bright red tie or the Balenciaga obsessed fashion student in the carrot colored oversized sweatshirt. It’s all about RED.

It’s no wonder that Red is known as the color of the bold and sensual character. Armani and Saint Laurent do it with fur, while Chanel does it with tweed, Marc Jacobs does it in a sporty style and Jil Sander does it minimally chic. No matter the fabric, no matter the shade, it is the accent most prominent of all that European fashion is about. The red statement is not just about fashion it is a statement made through home décor and architecture as well. Old brick walls, a red chandelier in an all white room, or even a red frame for an Andy Warhol painting, the image you portray in your home is the reflection of your personal style.

So, even if your personal style is minimalist and earthy, adding a fiery red tone to your home or ensemble can make all the difference. A simple red color-blocked scarf tied around the waist of a subtle white day dress not only keeps you trendy, but at the same time is a body flattering makeshift belt. If the cinched in waist is not your way to go, bring out your inner bohemian by using the same scarf as a bandana with a French braid, or tie it around your wrist as an accessory to your look.

For those of you that live bold and beautiful, embrace the Red. Don’t shy away from a monotone look and do it the way Givenchy does. There’s nothing wrong with pairing a red skirt with a red top and red boots, just as long as there is a difference in the shades or the fabric. So, if you’re planning to wear a translucent burgundy shirt, tuck it into a chili colored skirt and add a pair of ankle length patent leather boots or strappy heels with carrot red calf length socks. Even so, accessorize this fiery look with black or navy blue accessories such as a slim belt and circular shaped bag to be the best of the bold.

If you believe that red couldn’t work for the office environment, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is red a color denoted with sensuality but also with power. It makes to be the perfect statement focal point to express seniority of position. Wear your basic work suit with a red shirt or top to create a contrast between the basic and the bold. Add some strings of pearls to your neck to make the outfit as classic as Audrey Hepburn. Invest in a red dress to have an easy look to transition from work to evening wear. Pair the dress with a black blazer and nude lips by day and exchange the blazer for a simple white scarf and blood red lipstick by night to make for an effortless date night ensemble.

To find the perfect red look to suit your personality head to and customize your clothing online. Be it formal dresses, evening dresses, off-shoulder tops, etc, your new favorite look is waiting for you.