The spring summer 2018 fashion trends are about pastels, ruffles, stripes and certainly flooded with fun, different and new thoughts. Spring has finally arrived which implies that mid-year is around the bend. Indeed, that implies we have to roll out a change in our closet as well. However, before that let’s take a look at some of 2018 spring summer fashion trends.


  1. Pastels – This Mood Board ‘Seraphic Breeze’ describes these tones of colours as pure, divine, beautiful, innocent, heavenly and angelic. Pastels are one of the biggest fashion trends this season. Pastel tones are so delightful and elegant which can be experimented with any other colour and will surely look amazing. They are totally in fashion this year. Regardless of who you are whether a young girl or a tasteful lady, there are simple ways to make these beautiful tones of colours work for you. This seasons wardrobe is expected to be full of these classy tones of colours from soft hues of pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and purple.



Mood Board- Seraphic Breeze

Take a look at some of these beautiful Pastel tones of clothing from Samshek and customise your summer collection according to your Style.


2. Ruffles – On the off chance that you are one of those individuals that are madly in love with ruffles, the fact that the ruffles trend wouldn’t end any time soon in the near future will make you really happy and satisfied. London Fashion Week recently affirmed that not just ruffles will assume to be in fashion in the upcoming hotter months, however will likewise run as an inseparable unit with one of the greatest spring 2018 fashion trends. Ruffles were ruling everywhere from Paris fashion week to New York. According to Vogue – the description of a ruffle as an ornamental frill first entered common parlance in 1707. Prior to that, “ruffle” meant “to disturb the smoothness of”, perhaps from the Low German “ruffelen”, meaning to wrinkle or curl. So, this season have courage to experiment with your look and keep it stylish with these ruffles in your wardrobe from Samshek where you can customise dresses online.



3. Stripes – In the event that comparing hues aren’t your thing, experiment with prints — this spring. For inspiration, take a look at Stella Tennant’s at Balenciaga- a striped blue banker-shirt, plaid kilt and sunset-print thigh-high boots. You can experiment with different sizes of stripe as per your personality. Regardless of whether you’re especially feminine dresser or not, there are ways to embark upon this trend in a way to suit your style. According to your personality customise your outfit that reflects your style only at Samshek which offers amazing fashion collection.



Fashion should be within you. Fashion is something that makes you feel confident, comfortable, happy, positive, one of a kind not quite the same as others and above all it should suit your body type. So for trendy yet comfortable, simple yet fashionable visit and customise your closet essential to suit your identity and body type.