When it comes to shape and size, no two bodies are exactly alike, but we can broadly categorise women’s body types into four common categories: apple (slimmer lower body with weight around the middle), pear (slimmer upper body with broad hips), hourglass (curvy girls with a small waist) and rectangle (few natural curves; straight up and down).

With so many trends, silhouettes and fits available in stores, most of which are constantly changing, it can be difficult to figure out what works best for your body type, but thankfully, there are a few tried and tested tips for each shape. Dressing for your body type will not only streamline your shopping considerations and decisions; it will also ensure that you step out with confidence, every single day.

Inverted Triangle

 If you’re thicker in the middle and slimmer around your lower body, you have an “apple” body shape. When dressing for your body type, the idea is to minimize your middle section and accentuate your shoulders and your legs instead. Dresses with a V-neck empire cut, wrap style or A-line fit will flatter your body wonderfully, as will shift dresses which don’t cling to the body too tightly but still look uber stylish. When it comes to tops, flowy styles that skim your hips are a great way to draw attention away from the middle of your body. You should play around with high waisted styles in skirts where the waistline will hug the smallest part of your body, thereby slimming down your figure.

Stay away from double-breasted jackets, bulky tops, clingy clothes and waist-cinching tops, as these will only draw attention to your mid-section. If you do want to wear a belt, try wearing it just below your bust, instead of at your waist, to create curves while minimizing your middle.




Ladies with wide hips have a “pear” shaped body and should focus on elongating their body and creating balance in their figure by accentuating their top half. Play up your shoulders with sexy cold shoulder styles, boat neck styles et al. This will take the attention off your hips and draw attention to your shoulders and upper half, thereby creating balance. Embellished tops are also a great way to do this. When it comes to skirts, an A-line style will work wonders for your body type, by highlighting the slimmest part of your waist and flaring over your hips to create a flattering a figure. When it comes to jeans, play around with boot-cut styles which draw attention away from your hips with the volume at the bottom to bring proportion to your figure.

Avoid wearing skinny jeans, shapeless sweaters and pencil skirts, which will only accentuate your hips.




The trick with “hourglass” figures is to style your outfits in a way that complement your natural curves, not work against them. Belted jackets and crop tops are two key styles that look absolutely stunning on hourglass figures, because they draw attention to your slim waist and accentuate the curves. Wrap dresses and pencil skirts are equally flattering styles. When it comes to pants, you have a lot of flexibility – try belted wide leg trousers or high waisted pants that hit at just the right spot, thereby drawing attention to your small waist and flattering your curves in a lovely way.

Ladies with hourglass shaped bodies should stay away from shapeless or boxy styles (like baby doll dresses, long tunics, baggy cardigans etc.) that do nothing for your curves, but hide them.




 If you have a rectangular body type, you have a relatively straight body shape, and while you may not be blessed with natural curves, clothes can definitely help you create them! Cut-out dresses (one of the hottest trends right now) will work wonders in creating the illusion of curves – the small side cut outs will slim down your waist wonderfully. Hello, curves! Another style that works really well is ruffles – namely on tops or the top-half of dresses. Ruffles make your chest appear larger in proportion to your waist, making your middle look shapely and curvaceous. Pleated tops, wispy sleeves and peplum jackets have a similar effect.

Stay away from dresses that are too tight, because these will highlight your straight figure. At the same time, avoid clothes without structure around the waist or anything that is too flowy.


Author Archana Dhankar

Archana, is a fashion stylist & fashion blogger at FashionforRoyals. She likes to keep as chic as possible and love helping people in finding their own key style. She is currently based in the UK, and love to travel, follow her on Instagram – @FashionForRoyals to keep updated with all that goes behind in the making of a fashion blog.