1. The little black dress: is traditional to a woman’s DNA. From the moment of its conception by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s to its modernization in the early 2000’s by Donna Karan, this basic is the most powerful feminine tool available to a woman in any age. Today the little black dress plays the role of a support to any and every trend that finds its way into the ever-changing fashion market. It can be sporty, elegant, punk, grunge or any other style you want it to be. With the trend of layering on the rise, the chicest way to layer the little black dress is to combine it with another basic. For those of you that love black, pair this basic with black flared pants in a soft fabric and a classic black blazer for a look that is utterly professional and at the same time stylish. If you prefer a more classic approach, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn by styling your little black dress with multiple strings of pearls and a messy top knot for a elegant yet fashion forward look.


2. The white shirt: is the first ever women’s wardrobe basic that is borrowed from the boys. It is a constant that has been the focal point of androgynous style from the moment it was proposed to audiences through to 1960’s supermodel Twiggy. Since then it has become a way to express multiple personal styles. Be it the rock icon Pattie Smith, the innocence of Baby in Dirty Dancing or the typically European style of Jackie Kennedy. The white shirt today is a symbol of refinement, simplicity and elegance. Bring on your Grace Kelly aesthetic by wearing your white shirt knotted over a long dress with simple glossy lips, or pair it with a pair of ripped black denims and vintage suspenders for an old school rock chic look. If the corporate world is your place to be, always remember that the white shirt is your most powerful tool as it is the base to any and every outfit you compose.


3. The twin set: or sweater-set is a matching set of cardigan and usually a jumper or pullover. The twin set was a 1920’s fashion innovation attributed to both Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. The modern twin set interpretation can be made of a variety of different fabrics and shades of the same color. With the monotone trend on the rise, this wardrobe basic is finding its way back to fashion fame. Pair your twin set with a stylish pencil skirt, funky heels and a bowler hat for a look that is professional and fashion forward at the same time. For a more sporty-chic look, pair it with culottes, your favorite sneakers and a printed baseball cap. This wardrobe basic brings a feminine touch to any outfit for any occasion, and in doing so can never steer you wrong.


Haute Couture is always your best friend and in the constantly changing world of fashion, the only rule every fashion icon can rely on is to depend on basics, they are truly an investment and a step forward towards a classic and evergreen style. For a truly perfect investment, head to samshek.com and customize your wardrobe basic to suit your personality and body type.