Gone are the days when the ultimate annual celebration of love was as easy as a simple red rose and a box of heart shaped chocolates. With the bar set so high on romantic gestures, its no surprise that couples fashion is a real deal. So this Valentines Day why not take a note from the ultimate couples that have set the bar of style individually as well as together. No matter if your plans for this special day are a grand celebration or something outdoorsy or even just a romantic and intimate evening, I’ve got some style inspiration from the romantic and famous for this Valentines Day.



  1. The Obamas – Taking inspiration from their little Italian vacation last summer, go for a semi-casual look as you and your date enjoy an intimate dinner for two with candlelight at an Italian bistro. Channel your inner Michelle Obama with a flattering knee length dress in a floral print and pair it with a pair of basic black pumps, accessorised to the minimal look with a plain wrap in a light shade of pink and definitely don’t forget the creamy, sweet gelato for dessert.



  1. Prince William & Kate Middleton – This royal couple has been setting relationship goals for more than a decade now. Their style embodies an elegance that is unparalleled. So, if an elegant fine dining restaurant is your way of celebrating Valentines Day, this royal couple is definitely your style inspiration. Go monochrome with your clothes and accessories being different shades of the same colour. For an extra bit of royal chic, add a hat and style your hair in soft curls that accentuate you femininity. A basic nude lipstick and short winged cat-eye make-up complete the look to perfection.



  1. Audrey Hepburn & Givenchy – While this particular couple was never romantically together, they undoubtedly ruled the red carpet as well as the cinema with the timelessly chic style that they created together. If your Valentines Day plans involve attending an event of any sort, this is the style for you. Whether the iconic little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any of the fabulous pieces that Givenchy designed especially for Audrey, take a note out of Givenchy’s french style and customise your look to suit your body type and personality. Style your look with a simple string of white pearls and you’ll definitely be the center of everyone’s attention.



  1. Blake & Ryan Reynolds: There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a deep friendship that turns into a love of a lifetime. This beautiful and talented couple inspire not only partner goals but also family goals, so if a quiet and romantic night at home is the Valentines Day for you, their style is definitely the way to go. A casual look comprised of comfortable pants and a light pink top are the perfect combination for a casual night in. To make your look a little more feminine, wear a top with ruffles and accessorise with simple earrings and a loose french braid.



  1. Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian: This power couple albeit fairly new, inspires a style all their own. For those of you that enjoy bonding over an activity or in the great outdoors, this couple is your style icon for the day. Style your white sneakers with a pair of well fitted blue jeans and a white shirt neck ruffle tucked in from the front. Accessorise your look with a baseball cap and a delicate choker to complete your look for a romantic Valentines Day out.