Seasonal trends will come and go, but certain items of clothing remain classic forever – the capsule wardrobe, the core items in your closet that will never go out of style, the pieces that can be worn on their own or amped up with seasonal trendy pieces. When it comes to corporate dressing, having a strong capsule wardrobe can make it infinitely easier to get dressed for work in the morning, and ensure that you always look on point. So, what are the key pieces that should form your capsule corporate wardrobe?

Navy Blue or Black Trousers

 Your corporate capsule wardrobe cannot exist without a trusty pair of dark-coloured trousers that can be dressed up or down. The Pin Tuck Trouser by Samshék is a great option, with a narrow yet comfortable silhouette that would pair well with a crisp white shirt and blazer, or even a smart t-shirt for casual Fridays. You can choose your length as well – either at the ankle for a classic look or above the ankle for a contemporary feel.


Fitted Blazer

For meetings and events that require a formal get-up, you simply must have a well-fitted blazer that pairs with your trousers. When it comes to blazers, fit is paramount. Concentrate on the shoulders, because these are a very obvious sign of good or bad fit. The shoulders of the blazer should never extend beyond your actual shoulders; if they do, you will end up looking boxy. Having said that, the blazer should not be too tight either. You should be able to button it up very comfortably without pulling on it or straining the buttons (not a good look either!) If you find yourself stuck in between two sizes, opt for the larger one, always.

White Shirt

 The classic white shirt is a staple in your corporate capsule wardrobe, so make sure you invest in the right one – it’s definitely worth spending extra time and money to ensure that you get the best quality, fit and style. Samshék’s  Ruffle Shirt is a great alternative to a plain white shirt – the ruffles give the top a more feminine feel while maintaining everything that is loved about a good old white shirt. The best part is that you can customise the cut of the front and back, as well as the length of the sleeves and shirt itself, ensuring that you can create the best style for your body type.



Black or Nude Pumps

 When it comes to shoes for work, pumps are usually the best option. They are a classic closed-toe style that will never go out of fashion. Better yet, they look good with pretty much everything, so you don’t really have to think too much about which shoes to wear. Stick to a black or nude pair for work as these shades tend to work well with all (or most) other colours. Height-wise, the rule of thumb is nothing more than 3 inches, but some industries (like hospitality) may allow a slightly higher heel. Understand the norm in your industry or just stick to safe height. If you’re a tall girl, stick to kitten heels. Above all, make sure that your pumps are comfortable and allow you to do your job properly, because you’re going to be in them all day! It’s worth paying a little bit more for comfort and quality, if you must.

“The” Dress

 Every woman should have a work dress that makes her feel like a million bucks. The dress you wear for that big meeting, the dress that you don’t need to think twice about, the dress that makes you feel like an absolute “girl boss.” The Fitted Sleeve Sheath Work Wear Dress by Samshék is one of those kinds of dresses. It’s a classic black dress that is long enough to wear to work, while still keeping you on-trend and stylish. The best part is, you can infuse your personal sense of style into the piece and ensure that it works with your unique body type too, by customising important details like the shape of the neckline (front and back), the length of the sleeves and the length of the dress, as well as the colour and material. What more does a girl need?

Author Archana Dhankar

Archana, is a fashion stylist & fashion blogger at FashionforRoyals. She likes to keep as chic as possible and love helping people in finding their own key style. She is currently based in the UK, and love to travel, follow her on Instagram – @FashionForRoyals to keep updated with all that goes behind in the making of a fashion blog.