With just a few styling twists, the classic cues from menswear fashion can be tweaked to suit an effortlessly chic and feminine look. With the menswear fashion weeks coming to an end, the new collections of western wear brands provide a whole new source of styling inspiration for not only men but also women that are fascinated by an androgynous look. While it may seem hard to make such new trends a part of your wardrobe, it’s really not as hard as it may seem. It’s quite literally time to borrow from the boys. Here’s a few simple ways to style your masculine steals in a feminine way without clashing the two styles.


1. Accentuate Your Waist:

The simplest and chicest trick in the book of feminine fashion is accentuating your waist by using an accessory. With shirt-dresses on a trend rise, this is the perfect time to borrow an oversized shirt from the boys. Don’t limit yourself just to a basic white shirt, try stripes or different colors and instead of using the usual belt to cinch in your waist, try a funnypack for a vintage touch and if retro isn’t your style, go for a corset belt or even a printed scarf.


2. Suit Up The Frill:

The women’s suit has been a staple since the 1940’s but the volume of a man’s suit is a trend-setter like none other. Pair your borrowed from the boys suit with a frilly shirt in a contrasting color to add a hyper feminine contrast to your otherwise androgynous look. If a frilly shirt isn’t your style try rolling up your trousers and wearing a pair of frill ended socks with a killer pair of heels.


3. Dressed up Boyfriend Jeans:

While some might say that a dress over a pair of jeans is so last century, but from a stylist’s point of view, as long as you carry it with confidence a fashion trend no matter how old can always be brought back. It is all about personal style. Pair your boyfriend’s jeans with a loose fit bohemian inspired dress simply tucked in from the front for a casually chic look.


4. Military Chic:

The fashion world’s fascination with the military uniform is decades long and still prospering. Be it cargo pants, camo print shirts, jumpsuits or even combat boots, these military pieces are now easily a part of everybody’s wardrobe. Pair your borrowed from the boys camo print shirt with a skin tight pencil skirt and add a thick black belt over it for a look that is bound to draw attention. If pants are more your style, try pairing your borrowed cargo pants with a fitted cowl neck or halter-top of your choice.


5. The Sweatshirt Dress:

The most comfortable of all styles borrowed from the boys is and always will be the oversized sweatshirt worn as a dress. You might worry that such a look will pretty much have a drowning effect on your body, but this isn’t the case. Wearing the sweatshirt as a dress leaves your legs to define your feminine shape. Pair your sweatshirt dress with thigh high sock boots and feminine jewellery of your style for a look that is comfortable yet sexy.


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