Street Style is chock-full of creative ideas, whether it’s a new way to wear your typically at-home PJs, a standout sneaker styling trick, or a T-shirt–and-dress combo. Street Style is all about you and your personal style. It is essentially an opportunity to use fashion as a tool to express yourself to the world around you without using words. Here are a few styling tips to inspire you to become the Street Style Star that’s within you.


  1. Layer Up: The key to street styling glory is and always will be “the unexpected”. Whether it is wearing a knotted shirt over a sweater rather than under, or a simple detail like wearing underwear as outerwear. If this is a first for you, try something simple like a black bralette over a basic white t-shirt paired with jeans.


  1. Suited Not Booted: One of the best parts of street style is the way it combines clothing and accessory styles from different walks of life. The business suit is my personal favorite. You can play with it in so many ways by just changing the silhouette. You can give it a 1980’s power shoulder or a slouchy, more masculine 1920’s androgynous style or even the 1990’s ultra sexy fitted look.


  1. Just Add A Belt: Belts are quite sadly hugely underrated, but here’s news for you all, a statement belt over any outfit can change any look from drabby to trendy. Try wearing your belt over a coat or even better wear it wrong. Instead of the usual belt around the waist, try a belt with a statement buckle work over one shoulder and under the other with the buckle meeting on your chest.


  1. Tailored Leisure: There’s nothing quite as appealing to the eye as a perfect fit tailor made ensemble. As fun and easy fast fashion may be, it could never have the same impact as a customised dress. There’s never a perfect look if there’s no perfect fit.


  1. Black Is The New Black: As addicted as I may be to the drama of Orange as The New Black, in fashion there always has been and always will be only one queen of the colors, “Black”. Having even just one aspect of your look being black can make you go from basic to spotlight, even if it’s just your matte black nail-polish.


Street styling tips for women at Samshek

  1.  Dressed Down: There has never been a more comfortable way to street style than taking a cue from the lazy girl in you. Just wear pyjamas, or tracks or even a night slip. All you have to do is accessorize with some glam jewellery and an evening clutch and you’ve a look that is out of the box and yet elegant.


  1. Go Graphic: What could be more eye catching than graphic prints. Whether you pair a graphic print t-shirt with basic tracks or style it up with a pencil skirt and a blazer, the look you create is bound to create a buzz.


  1. Trousers and T’s: Styling two wholly different styles together in a harmonious look is usually very hard but putting together a t-shirt with trousers is nothing short of genius. Not only is it laid back and casual but it also adds a vibe of sophistication. Style, it with a loose top knot and red cat-eye sunglasses and this look will have you feeling vogue for the day.


  1. Street Swimwear: There’s no reason to leave your swimwear at the back of a closet until its time to swim again. Try wearing it as a top, or even use it as a second layer over your actual top. Have fun with it, mess around, that’s when the best styling happens.


  1. Get Coordinated: There’s no longer such a thing as too matchy-matchy anymore. Street Style is all about owning your personality and having the confidence to carry off printed coordinated pants and tops in crazy colors if that is what defines your style.


Stay tuned for more styling tips with Samshék. With creative styling tips it also helps to personalise your style by customising the dress that suits your personality.